About ekta

The story line goes like this…

Once upon a time before Hollywood, Bollywood and all other man-made woods. All films shot and viewed were short. The saga of shorts began in 1910 in the United States of America. And whether it’s animated or live action, almost all of them made to make people laugh. These films were called comedies; this happened much before the rise of renowned comedians.

From 1895, after the ‘Arrival of a Train’ of Lumière Brothers made audience flee in terror seeing the locomotive hurtled towards them, till the dawn of 20th century, the short ruled the roost. Later, by the emergence of the long ones, they dwindled in numbers.

In 1955 resurgence happened. Charlie Chaplin emerged. Now in world film arena, Pixar and Disney make good animated shorts. It’s a great pathway to the aspiring film makers to prove their sheer mettle.

Now it’s your turn...
What’s in your mind…? The hat of Hitchcock, Bertolucci or James Cameron..?


In 1975 director K. Balachander , found a young bus conductor whom he believed had the enormous acting talent to conquer the hearts of millions. Today people call that young man , "Superstar"

Ramakanth Achrekar, a cricket coach saw a spark in the eyes of a 11 year old boy, that he has the ability to change the history of the game. Now the world calls the boy "The God of Cricket".

The showman of south india Mani Rathnam discovered an emerging music director and decided to give him a chance in his new movie. The Music Director turned around the entire music industry of India and grabbed 2 academy awards.

Talents are like diamonds. Somebody has to find them from the deepest mines. EKTA (Emerging Kerala's Talents Association) has a mission to find the talents of Kerala through various events and programmes and bring them infront of the world.